Our Mission:

To deliver fresh, sustainable organic, locally sourced and sustainable health-conscious meals to our customers on a daily basis.


How it works:

The meals will be prepared fresh overnight in our kitchens. The completely ready-to-eat meals will be delivered by 6AM each morning. They will be delivered in car ready soft-sided coolers that will be left inside of an hard-side Igloo cooler that we will give our clients, which will stay outside their homes. Inside of each car ready cooler, the customer will find six meals inside small lunch pails. The lid of each lunch pail would have embroidered on it what meal is contained within (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


These lunch pails will include everything the client needs: natural spring water, silverware, napkins, condiments, etc. When finished eating, the customer will put everything back in the lunch pails, which will be picked up the next morning, then washed/cleaned and gotten ready for the next day.


We will rely on our professional referral networks as the backbone of our client base. We will expand business by offering a “10% of dollar one” incentive to healthcare and fitness providers who refer their clients to our service.