Ellie Fusz Ramey

Co-Founder, Meals That Heal

Director of Sales and Marketing

Similar to Jeff, I had a personal experience that guided me toward the desire to found a company that could truly change the course of someone’s life.  As we are all aware we are born with certain genetics but our personal dietary, environmental and physical habits can either help or hinder what we in my family call  “What the Good Lord Gave You.”  My personal experience when we were all considering this company involves a dear friend who is a personal trainer and has spent her life helping others achieve their personal health goals. She was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer.  My initial thoughts when our community came together to aide her family of seven with food, activities, support throughout chemotherapy treatments, etc. was her nutrition.  She has been a woman of impeccable health and her dietary habits always reflected that.  I began to look through the spreadsheet of what I could do to help and knowing how health conscience she is and how after such harsh treatments such as chemotherapy she would need not just healthy food but food specifically portioned, prepared with the food containing the correct vitamins and nutrients to aide her body with the fuel needed to make it through these treatments and long days ahead but food that would truly be one of the puzzle pieces to begin the healing process.  Literally everything she put in her body, which is very little to someone who undergoes such medical procedures that leave one lethargic and with very little appetite.  That is where Meals That Heal truly came to fruition for me.  It was not longer just a business opportunity but a way to support and change people’s lives one meal at a time.  With this decision came the logistics of how to support one’s desire to “live their best life” while living life and all the chaos that comes with it.  It became necessary to bring together not just the optimal nutritional meals, but have them prepared and delivered to our clients whose lives either prevent them from the ability to have the time, energy and know how to buy the proper ingredients, prepare them so exquisitely you would never want to eat another way and have them placed in a portioned controlled glass container daily to ensure portability and most importantly the ability to take them from your personal soft shelled container and heat them up in an oven or microwave.  The oven aspect is crucial for those who have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies which can be destroyed while reheating in a microwave.  


As far as my personal business background entails, I was born and raised in St. Louis, attending Our Lady of the Pillar grade school, Visitation Academy high school where I played basketball and continued by career in college with a full athletic scholarship to Spring Hill College.  I received my degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and have a minor in Sociology.  I spent my first seven years after college traveling the country as a Senior Account Executive in the trade show business, with such clients as Anheuser-Busch, Savvis Communications, 7 up Dr. Pepper, Laser Vision, Monsanto, Express Scripts, and Emerson to name a few.  My main responsibilities were to collaborate with our graphic and engineering team to bid on $500,000 and up trade show exhibits, take the request for proposal for initiation to final submission and if awarded the business take control of their trade show schedule and manage every aspect of their needs that ranged anywhere from organizing a yearly show schedule and within those shows manage all sales, logistics, budgets, and off site client prospecting, meetings and appreciation dinners.  

After our country faced the worst tragedy in my opinion we as Americans have endured the trade show industry began to fail and I was blessed with the birth of my first child and decided to switch career paths and an unique opportunity within my family’s business was presented to the Lou Fusz Automotive Network to bring a network of distributors for original equipment accessories to a customer's buying experience.  I started over 10 years ago with a warehouse and the challenge to change the landscape of a dealer and customer’s buying experience as it relates to truly offering a customer the opportunity of a pre-delivery to customize their vehicle to their specifications and offer our network of 300 General Motors dealers a way to create and optimize their dwindling gross margins in the new car market.  We started as a brand new company and I am proud to say we have had year over year growth in a dismal economy reaching annual revenues topping 10 million dollars in 2013.  My role began as the Account Executive charged with engaging these dealers in the beginning to just simply believe in the opportunity we had laid in front of them to gain incremental revenue by offering this service to their customer base.  I throughout the years as we year over year out grew our warehouse and personnel to become  the Sales and Marketing Director who in tangent with my Operations Managers, I am very proud to say one of the most highly regarded distributors of Accessories in the country.  I specialize in sales management and training, have a very vigorous relationship with one of the largest rental car companies in the country and oversee all of our marketing needs and deliverables.   I have personally hired and trained all of our sales staff as well as most of the sale staff’s of our Dealer Network.  I worked in tangent with our logistics staff to have a very clean inventory and one of the most manageable accounts receivable processes a company could hope for.  

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