Founder, Meals That Heal

I founded this company out of personal need. My experiences with other similar services that offered once and twice a week delivery were disappointing.  The food was never fresh enough, the ingredients were not of high enough quality, and the culinary creativity was negligible.  Using a microwave to heat food has always been a concern of mine and I felt uneasy throwing away so much plastic that had been exposed to radiation.  I tried to prepare the meals myself but that quickly became a hassle.  I frequently found myself running around to multiple grocery stores to find organic, wild caught, or pasture raised ingredients.  I would either run out of food completely or end up throwing out high quality expensive ingredients.  This situation severely limited my options, causing me to consider abandoning my food preferences and submit to the convenience of heavily processed take out or restaurant food.

This business delivers high quality delicious meals that have been prepared to suit the needs of each individual customer.  We cater to dietary and nutritional concerns.  It is our goal to provide each client with an amazing culinary experience that helps them to build a healthy mind, body, and soul.


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